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HOWL & Creative Writing @ UCC

We’re excited to enter another year of collaborating with UCC’s Creative Writing MA Work Experience program. This year, we’re fortunate to be joined by a gang of talented writers and readers from UCC who will assist us while getting practical experience in the publishing world. They’ll be contributing their creative and organisational skills to help make HOWL 24 come to life.

As a Cork-based publication, we appreciate the continuous opportunity to stay connected with upcoming Cork-based writers. For 2024, our team will be joined by Naiyie Lamb, Chloe Barrett, Robyn Kelly, Daniel McCarthy, Mary Dunne, Amie Dempsey, Leah Sohotra, and Claire Watson. We’re looking forward to seeing what unique skills and insights they bring. Welcome onboard everyone!

Chloe is an English graduate who is currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing. She has an interest in editing and journalism. Currently she is the Feature’s Editor for UCC’s newspaper, The University Express, and has written in student media for three years. Reading is also her favorite hobby.

Robyn (they/she) is a fiction writer and poet from Wicklow and is currently working on their first novel. Their work focuses on themes of grief, self reflection and memory. They are inspired by the works of Sally Rooney, Rosamund Taylor and Ocean Vuong. They have had work featured in New Word Order, Motley Magazine, and The Caveat Lector.

Naiyie is a psychology and neuroscience graduate now studying her creative writing MA at University College Cork. She's been working in the commercial editorial industry for the past three years but finds greater satisfaction in creative writing and editing. Within that realm, she has a particular love for poetry and creative non-fiction.

Daniel is a writer based in West Cork. Before joining the MA, he spent his Bachelor's studying both Theatre and English. Lately a lot of his writing has focused on the themes and traditions of the Irish experience. He loves Irish mythology. Currently he's working on a short story collection set in a remote village that looks at themes like isolation and the desires for connection.

Claire (they/them) is a writer specialising in the queer and the weird. They primarily write fiction but have a newfound love for non-fiction and poetry as well. They are the current EIC of the University Express. They are currently working on a speculative novel exploring themes of love and interconnection.

Mary is a writer from Westmeath. She has an International Degree in English and French from University of Galway. She writes both poetry and fiction. Some writers that inspire her include Mary Costello, Miranda July, and Naoise Dolan. Her work has featured in ROPES literary journal.

Amie is a fiction writer from Kildare. She previously studied English and History before pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing at UCC. She considers words as an important outlet for creative expression, which helps her to explore themes of family, grief and identity in her writing. She enjoys writing in the short story form and is currently working on her first novel set in Ireland.

Leah is currently in UCC’s MACWE program. Her bachelor’s from UVM, in Gender Studies, focused on international women’s movements. Leah published her first non-fiction short story in Ó Bhéal’s 2019 Cork Anthology 'A Journey Called Home’ about the unassisted birth of her daughter.

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